Good Night

A good night indeed. The baby and the bojo is sleeping. Bihihi.

This is my me-time~~ Doing my thesis (a little), blogging (a little too), and kriyip2 (the most). Buhu. I’m truly sleepy. But hey, being able to have a me-time after 3 months is a cause for celebration! And I’m going to celebrate it by writing a bit.

After being a mom, I’m thinking of reactivate my blog.

Yeah. Mau ngapain lagi coba emak2 jaman sekarang. Kalo ga ngurus anak-suami, paling ya kongkow (entah di mall, coffe shop, atau masjid), ngurus, or ngeblog. So I choose blogging.

But then, a little hiccup. Which blog should I reactivate? Bahaha. Maklum, sisa2 blog jaman labil..

So I choose this one. And I cant believe the name of “The Aegis” is still relevant. Hihi. Back then I chose it because I loved Gundam. It’s the first Gundam of Athrun Zala in Gundam Seed (oh my, i still remember the cast). And now, because i’m a mom, aegis is a name that brings hope and prayer. It means protection and support. Just like what I want to be for my family.

But I still keep my tumblr too. I love the cute things I post and liked there~~ Hiburan banget, di antara serbuan berita dan iklan sinetron turki.

Wah. Its already dawn. I need to have some sleep.

So chao! Mata ashita~


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