Why must there be a raise??

My writing will be short. My question is simple :

Mudik is a tradition and a need for most of us, especially for those who are far away from hometown. To travel, we have 2 choices, get on public transportation such as bus, train, ship, airplane – or by private vehicles.

When we choose to use a public transportation. We will experience the same hard thing every year, which is tusla. Why must there be a tusla (transport fee on iedul fitri)?? It can empty our pockets!

I understand that governments need more efforts to provide the services; the maintenance things, the fuel prices things, etc. But I think it’s way too expensive. No wonder that people choose to go with their own vehicles, whether it’s car or even motorcycles. No wonder that people are willing to jostle and thrust through the crowd to get seats in economic trains. They’ll do anything to have the less expensive way to travel. Anything to gather with their family in town and anything to be back to metropolitan city to work.

Well, others say that because people get an extra salary while iedul fitri. (I know, perhaps their answers are only teasing me)
But..but..but, we, students, don’t get any!

I’ll take an example of train ticket’s price :

Mutiara Selatan : 130.000 –> 150.000 – 225.000

Argo Wilis : 210.000 –>250.000 – 400.000

Turangga :  230.000 –> 250.000 – 400.000

See, the tickets are getting higher but our pocket money is just so so. I can conclude, students are the ones who suffer the most when tusla is being applied.. -__-


Sejahtera dan Rasional

— stok lama yang selalu update

Bandung. 30.07.2009 – 1.12 pm

Beberapa hari ini tajuk rencana Kompas membahas sikap permisif masyarakat Indonesia yang menyuburkan bibit teroris di negara ini. Katanya, salah satu alasan mengapa masyarakat tidak mengacuhkan lingkungan sekitar dan bersikap ‘boleh boleh saja’ adalah karena kesejahteraan yang masih rendah. Tingkat kesejahteraan yang rendah ini membuat masyarakat tidak bersikap rasional dalam bertindak maupun menilai peristiwa.

Jadi, ada keterkaitan erat antara hidup sejahtera dan berpikir rasional. Awalnya aku heran, namun akhirnya aku sendiri tidak menyangkal hal ini karena pemikiran-pemikiran ini sempat merasuk juga dalam pikirku. Coba tengok, selama ini aku bisa tenang membaca koran, menonton berita, membeli buku, membaca buku, menjelajah internet, dan belajar – yah, apapun untuk menambah pengetahuan – karena ada kepastian uang bulanan yang mencukupi dari orang tuaku (anggap saja gaji). Hidup jadi tenang, ibadah jadi nyaman, banyak yang bisa disyukuri, dan diri yang bisa dikembangkan.

Nah, perasaan itu mulai luntur sekarang. Keinginan untuk bekerja (ataupun magang) dan mendapatkan pemasukan menjadi tak terbendung. Kebutuhan untuk mandiri dan survive tumbuh. Di saat seperti ini, yang kupikirkan hanyalah cari magangan, cepat lulus, cepat bekerja, dan memperoleh gaji yang memadai. Bekerja dimanapun tak jadi masalah, bank, tv, konsultan, pu, bappenas, pemkot, dsb. Yang penting aku bisa mendapat kepastian pemasukan memadai, mandiri, dan dapat menolong orang lain. Hal-hal seperti pengembangan ilmu pengetahuan dan wawasan terpinggirkan (misalnya, mencari beasiswa S2). My God! Aku kaget juga bagaimana aku bisa berpikir sestandar dan sedatar itu. Rupanya kepastian dalam keuangan itu penting. *baru merasa memasuki dunia orang dewasa* Kata orang, duit memang bukan segalanya tapi tanpa uang kita tak bisa apa-apa. Ugh. Hate it but it’s undeniable.

Yah, bagaimanapun rejeki kita sudah dijamin dan ditentukan oleh Allah. Sekarang tinggal usaha kita untuk menjemput rezeki itu (ya sebagaimana kita berusaha menjemput jodoh). Semoga Allah memudahkanku dalam meraih rezeki dan jodoh itu. Aku percaya apa yang diberikan Allah adalah yang terbaik buat kita. Tinggal usaha dan doa kita aja.

Allah, jangan serahkan penjagaan dan pengurusan diri ini kepada diri hamba. Karena tanpa-Mu aku bukanlah apa-apa, hanya manusia yang penuh khilaf, dzolim, dan munafik. Jika suatu saat aku bersyukur, bertobat, dan melakukan kebaikan, sungguh itu bukan sekedar diriku, sungguh tak ada yang patut aku sombongkan. Karena kebaikan itu pun terjadi atas bantuanMu, doronganMu, kehendakMu, dan ridhoMu..

Noise In The Dawn

rules of the world (#1)

Few days ago, one rule of the world was finally embedded in my mind. Well, I learned it hard way. Actually the lesson was simple (yet essential) :

People focus on WHO speaks and HOW he/she says it better than WHAT he/she says.

I actually find this rule pretty ridiculous. I mean, come on, how can logical people still think like that! Everyone has his own way to say something, one person says the truth with a nice tone, other says it with a sharp tone. People tend to feel offended in the latter situation. Not only tone they concern about but also who speaks. If someone who succeed advises you how to achieve your dream, you must feel encouraged. Otherwise if someone who fails tells you some tips how to succeed, you must think that the person is only blabbering. You won’t even care the reason why he tells you that although perhaps that person wants to warn you about the upcoming obstacles he once failed and he doesn’t want you to flunk in the same hole. Unfortunately the feeling of being offended & the thought of judging someone like that is already implanted in our society.

People call it; manner. If I don’t follow the manner, people will judge me as ill-mannered and be ashamed of my own family. So I’d better pay attention more on how polite I say something and who I am to say it. Up until yesterday I still stick to my opinion that this rule is foolish, but something changes my mind …

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Strong-willed Song

Smalane suci dalam pikiran
Smalane benar jika berkata
Smalane tepat dalam tindakan
Smalane dapat dipercaya

When I was a freshmen, joining orientation moments called PeNA (Pekan Pengenalan Almamater), every morning & afternoon I marched through the hall way, sang that song over and over. The song echoed in my heart, forced me to ask myself :
Do I have a pure mind (& heart)?
Do I tell the truth?
Do I do the right thing?
Can I be trusted?
Have I met the qualities they mentioned?
Am I good enough to be a smalane?

That idealist song is like a self-reflection, self-appraisal, muhasabah for me. Until today, everytime I sing that song, I will repeat the same question like in those days, “Do I have the qualities & qualifications to be regard as Smalane?”

I love that feeling. ‘Smalane’ always reminds me that I need to be a better person. Salute for the one(s) who wrote the song.



Don’t Plan!

“I have a tendency to surprise myself”

John Grogan.Marley & Me.

That words stung me. It’s amazing to have yourself surprising you. It means you improve! You innovate. You don’t hold back in doing your things. You use all your potential and keep improving. Isn’t that great?

running in the baseball field

That’s how the movie got my attention. I watched Marley and Me while I was having my dinner. It is a story – well, I can say – about an ordinary life yet meaningful. The man is a reporter – and then turn to be – columnist, and his wife is also a feature reporter. It’s a story about their life, their family, and their hyperactive dog – Marley.

Jen, the wife, loves to plan everything whether John, prefers to let things happen then be surprise. But they get along well. They live their life smoothly, well a bit fight can’t be avoided. In the earlier stage of life, they live in a middle-class neighborhood, both of them work in different newspaper. Every morning they read each other’s articles and give comments.

Then after having a baby, they move to a better and safer neighborhood which also costs more -but it’s fine, they can afford it. Every week, John writes 2 – 3 columns, one of them talks about his life and Marley. But in his forty, after having 3 children and live happily, he starts to lose challenges and passions for his work. Jen realizes it and encourages him to move to Philadelpia, where John gets an offer of a position for reporter.

In Philadelphia, when they already have a better living standard, they choose to settle in suburb, give some more space for the kids. Hahahahaaa, I was laughing when I saw that. What an american lifestyle! Many times in the class, the lecturers said that high-class people tend to buy a house in suburb to have a peaceful and space to relax. Ah! Sou da ne. Now I really got what my lecturers mean. (Well, people in Indonesia usually don’t do that kind of thing, they tend to get close to the CBD).

Well, yep, but the most important thing is now I learn that having a plan for your life is good, but prepare to be surprised of what life might bring is better. And I wanna surprise myself! for good things of course.

Plan plan plan

For all this time, I’m a planner type of person. Well, I planned since I was child. I had my first life-map when I was 9 years old. I planned myself to be the best in my elementary, to attend SMP 1, SMA 5, IPB to have my agronomy degree, and go abroad to pursue MSc & PhD majoring agronomy, and also to go Haji. Ah, but at that time I forgot to mention ‘getting married‘. Hehee. (Well, most of them became reality, except the majoring, I took urban & regional planning  instead. And the higher degree things, I hope I can also make it come true in the future). Yup, I plan everything and when things don’t go my way, I got frustrated and then giving up on my plans. Ugh, bad habit.

My friends once said, Life is unpredictable and full of surprise. Yeah, it’s more important to prepare yourself to be surprised than stick to your plan and get frustrated. We, human, can only do our best in the present and Allah will decide the best destiny for us. And most of the time, the best destiny doesn’t match our earlier plan. But I’m sure Allah knows the best. As long as we keep improving, I think it’s fine.

So, it’s free for us to have dreams. It’s important for us to have a plan, but just don’t forget that life will always surprise us in every way. So be prepared. Anyway, that’s what makes life fun-dynamic-challenging-and not boring, isn’t it? 😀

Harga Diri & Kepentingan

Kepentingan siapa yang abadi? Harga diri siapa yang harus dipertahankan?

Hari selasa kemarin koran-koran ramai membahas arah koalisi Golkar. Apakah akan ke Blok M (Megawati) ataukah Blok S (SBY). Sampai saat inipun, sepanjang pemberitaan di koran, Golkar belum menentukan sikap. Dengan perolehan suara terbesar ke-3 dan track record sebagai partai pemenang pemilu 2004 dan partai tertua, tak heran jika Golkar disorot.

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