Don’t Plan!

“I have a tendency to surprise myself”

John Grogan.Marley & Me.

That words stung me. It’s amazing to have yourself surprising you. It means you improve! You innovate. You don’t hold back in doing your things. You use all your potential and keep improving. Isn’t that great?

running in the baseball field

That’s how the movie got my attention. I watched Marley and Me while I was having my dinner. It is a story – well, I can say – about an ordinary life yet meaningful. The man is a reporter – and then turn to be – columnist, and his wife is also a feature reporter. It’s a story about their life, their family, and their hyperactive dog – Marley.

Jen, the wife, loves to plan everything whether John, prefers to let things happen then be surprise. But they get along well. They live their life smoothly, well a bit fight can’t be avoided. In the earlier stage of life, they live in a middle-class neighborhood, both of them work in different newspaper. Every morning they read each other’s articles and give comments.

Then after having a baby, they move to a better and safer neighborhood which also costs more -but it’s fine, they can afford it. Every week, John writes 2 – 3 columns, one of them talks about his life and Marley. But in his forty, after having 3 children and live happily, he starts to lose challenges and passions for his work. Jen realizes it and encourages him to move to Philadelpia, where John gets an offer of a position for reporter.

In Philadelphia, when they already have a better living standard, they choose to settle in suburb, give some more space for the kids. Hahahahaaa, I was laughing when I saw that. What an american lifestyle! Many times in the class, the lecturers said that high-class people tend to buy a house in suburb to have a peaceful and space to relax. Ah! Sou da ne. Now I really got what my lecturers mean. (Well, people in Indonesia usually don’t do that kind of thing, they tend to get close to the CBD).

Well, yep, but the most important thing is now I learn that having a plan for your life is good, but prepare to be surprised of what life might bring is better. And I wanna surprise myself! for good things of course.

Plan plan plan

For all this time, I’m a planner type of person. Well, I planned since I was child. I had my first life-map when I was 9 years old. I planned myself to be the best in my elementary, to attend SMP 1, SMA 5, IPB to have my agronomy degree, and go abroad to pursue MSc & PhD majoring agronomy, and also to go Haji. Ah, but at that time I forgot to mention ‘getting married‘. Hehee. (Well, most of them became reality, except the majoring, I took urban & regional planningĀ  instead. And the higher degree things, I hope I can also make it come true in the future). Yup, I plan everything and when things don’t go my way, I got frustrated and then giving up on my plans. Ugh, bad habit.

My friends once said, Life is unpredictable and full of surprise. Yeah, it’s more important to prepare yourself to be surprised than stick to your plan and get frustrated. We, human, can only do our best in the present and Allah will decide the best destiny for us. And most of the time, the best destiny doesn’t match our earlier plan. But I’m sure Allah knows the best. As long as we keep improving, I think it’s fine.

So, it’s free for us to have dreams. It’s important for us to have a plan, but just don’t forget that life will always surprise us in every way. So be prepared. Anyway, that’s what makes life fun-dynamic-challenging-and not boring, isn’t it? šŸ˜€


Everyone’s Life, Everyone’s Story

Uhuuy, I’m excited to write. Hahahaa. I got inspiration from my yesterday’s experience. Well, it’s just a small piece of my life but -I don’t know- it means so much. The thought strucked me when we had dinner (fasting break) in KFC. Ow, there is something else inspires me; Bumi Manusia by Pramoedya Ananta Toer. Wuuiih, it’s a great story! Really a refreshment among the stream of pop literatures in Indonesia. Ok, one by one, please..

KFC thing.
Yesterday there was someone (a big boy) celebrated his birthday in KFC, with Chaki Package + Batman. Actually his friends (and big help of his girlfriend) arranged that. Believe it or not, he is 23! Just one year older than me! Everyone there looked happy. Ahahahaaa, it was sweet and funny. Then I swapped my sight to his friends.. Looked to everyone else in KFC, the employers, then I suddenly thought,

“Yes, everyone has his/her own strory of life.. joy, sadness, pain, happiness. Aah, what a sweet. Allah Almight.”

When I put that in my mind, I do cherish people around me. I don’t judge them, I just appreciate each of them as someone who has her/his own story of life, who try to find out & pursue his/her fate. Hhm.. I love that feeling. Somehow it makes me feel confident. Hehee *does those things relate to each other??*

Bumi Manusia.
I haven’t finished reading it, but I can feel the greatness of its story. I love it. This book is written through the eyes of main character. The setting is the era when Netherland ruled Indonesia. The main character named Minke, inlander, an HBS student in Surabaya *ah, my hometown!*, royal blood is inside him but he refuse wealth. He is kinda a journalist and a writer. He studies and he also writes about people and his thought. He publishes his writings in newspaper. A writer with modern thoughts in mind!His life is dramatic, but his ability and his brain is pretty flawless. This story really inspires me to become a journalist and a writer like minke.

Hahahaa, after those experiences, I think back my dreams. Well few days ago I took a personality quiz suggested by agunk (, and my result is The Confidant, Counselor, or Empath ~rare personality. Few of its career matches are Doctor, Human Resources, Social worker, Teacher/Professor, and Writer. Weheee.. Good careers. I like to listen to other people’s stories, feelings, and thoughts. I love to write those down, draw conclusions, and take wisdoms from those.

*Hhm, I hope I’m not overestimate myself..*