Why must there be a raise??

My writing will be short. My question is simple :

Mudik is a tradition and a need for most of us, especially for those who are far away from hometown. To travel, we have 2 choices, get on public transportation such as bus, train, ship, airplane – or by private vehicles.

When we choose to use a public transportation. We will experience the same hard thing every year, which is tusla. Why must there be a tusla (transport fee on iedul fitri)?? It can empty our pockets!

I understand that governments need more efforts to provide the services; the maintenance things, the fuel prices things, etc. But I think it’s way too expensive. No wonder that people choose to go with their own vehicles, whether it’s car or even motorcycles. No wonder that people are willing to jostle and thrust through the crowd to get seats in economic trains. They’ll do anything to have the less expensive way to travel. Anything to gather with their family in town and anything to be back to metropolitan city to work.

Well, others say that because people get an extra salary while iedul fitri. (I know, perhaps their answers are only teasing me)
But..but..but, we, students, don’t get any!

I’ll take an example of train ticket’s price :

Mutiara Selatan : 130.000 –> 150.000 – 225.000

Argo Wilis : 210.000 –>250.000 – 400.000

Turangga :  230.000 –> 250.000 – 400.000

See, the tickets are getting higher but our pocket money is just so so. I can conclude, students are the ones who suffer the most when tusla is being applied.. -__-


Strong-willed Song

Smalane suci dalam pikiran
Smalane benar jika berkata
Smalane tepat dalam tindakan
Smalane dapat dipercaya

When I was a freshmen, joining orientation moments called PeNA (Pekan Pengenalan Almamater), every morning & afternoon I marched through the hall way, sang that song over and over. The song echoed in my heart, forced me to ask myself :
Do I have a pure mind (& heart)?
Do I tell the truth?
Do I do the right thing?
Can I be trusted?
Have I met the qualities they mentioned?
Am I good enough to be a smalane?

That idealist song is like a self-reflection, self-appraisal, muhasabah for me. Until today, everytime I sing that song, I will repeat the same question like in those days, “Do I have the qualities & qualifications to be regard as Smalane?”

I love that feeling. ‘Smalane’ always reminds me that I need to be a better person. Salute for the one(s) who wrote the song.



Surabaya oh Surabaya…

It’s been a long time I didn’t visit my hometown. (Well, it’s not really my hometown since I wasn’t born there..). I do forget for how long I didn’t go home.Chotto, why do I suddenly talk about surabaya? Well, I chatted w/ my friend. He told me that he want to be back to surabaya.

Wew! Okay, I admit it, I miss surabaya too. I miss that city and I miss the people who live in it! I’m sure my parents miss me too (ha3).

I’ll reconsider my decision, maybe I’m going to Surabaya this August.

Home sweet home…