How to Teach Writing Class in Course (2)

This is the second day. it’s time to talk more specific about writing in english.

  1. Greet everyone in class (plus teacher do the absent). Do NOT let the students fill the absent by themselves! C’mon, this is not a lecture class!
  2. Review about their writings previous meeting. Hand them their works.
  3. Ask what writing experience they have.
  4. Ask their opinion about what writing is.
  5. Give them the theories.. brief introduction about writing. bla bla blaaa… Lalalaaa,, the curriculum depends on the ability of the students, not only following what is given by ur upper admission.
  6. Before the class is ended, remind the students that writing has a strong bond with reading. The more u read, the better u write. That’s why.. Give them a weekly task to read and review one article each week. Any articles depends on their interest. The review contains title, topic, writer, the goals of the articles, a short sinopsys, organization of the sentences & paragraph, the vocabularies and dictions student learns from it, etc.

~ Then each week spare some 30 minutes to discuss 2 – 3 articles that students bring.

~ Alternative task : blogging in english

Well, after all, the most important things are :

Just keep the class interactive and active so that the students won’t get bored.

Be prepared, don’t let urself looked ridiculous in front of ur students. It’s a sin and the students won’t respect u anymore.


How to Teach Writing Class (in course)

The ideal size of english class is around 10 – 15 persons. More than those numbers, it’s pretty difficult to make sure that each person understand the materials well.¬†teaching

First impression is important, eventhough it doesn’t show everything

First day is introduction time and it’s a big chance for the teacher to make a good impression. On the first day, the teacher must :

  1. be ready in the class before the students come and welcome the students.
  2. introduce him/herself ; share a bit of ur thought about english & ur experience in learning english.
  3. ask students to introduce themselves ; give them a little comment or story so that they feel appreciated & understood. *semoga ga lebay dh gw*
  4. ask them one by one why they choose writing class
  5. ask them what they expect to get from this class ; e.g A wants to be able to write an essay well, B wants to be able to write a thesis, C wants to have a better understanding in arranging paragraph.
  6. what problems they usually encounter when writing in english; e.g lack of vocabulary, difficulty in developing the topic, used to write in indonesia, nervous. don’t forget to give a conclusion/review after each question, then keep those review in mind (or u can note them)
  7. Few minutes before the class is dismissed, ask them to write their opinions or experiences in learning english.
  8. While they write, teacher must stay in the class and take the time to recognize & memorize names and few descriptions of the students. Teacher is allowed to have a little chit chat.

Other things to be  concern :
~ Don’t forget to read those passages that students wrote. Still, don’t forget to take some notes to conclude & review. Make a few comments in each of their writing so that they feel their works are not in vain.

~ Oia! English teacher in courses MUST use english. Do not speak Indonesian (few words are fine, -remember, ‘words’ not ‘sentences’). Believe me it is silly and sinful to do that in english course class. Teaching course is obviously different from teaching highschool and so on.

~ Put urself among the students. Have the students sit in a circle, the teacher is in the center. Do NOT sit too much. Teacher’s gestures must be flexible.

~ Always open up urself to questions.

—– based on experience. Next, the second-day-teaching tips will come soon!